Waters Photography
2011 Wedding Information


If your wedding is before 2013, please see this announcement.  We are currently no longer accepting weddings before 2013.  We apologize for any inconveniences.


43 Weddings Photographed as of 9/24/2011

Service Fee: $850
Travel Fee (30-50 miles outside of Pottstown, PA): $50
Accomodation Fee (50+ miles outside of Pottstown, PA): $100 + $50 Travel Fee

Travel and Accomodation Fees are evaluated and applied on a case by case basis. You will be notified whether or not these fees apply before you book.

You lock your rate in based on the rate the year you book. If you book a 2012 wedding in 2011, you lock your rate in at the 2011 rate, even if the 2012 rate increases. Each year’s service fee will be posted in January of that year.

We do not require a deposit. We only ask that if plans change you notify us as soon as possible so we can open the date on our calendars.

We accept cash or check payment the day of the wedding.

What You Get
We will shoot before, during, and after your wedding ceremony and during the reception.

After the wedding is over, we will take about 30-40 hours to process your photos (lighten, straighten, crop, etc.).

You will wind up with roughly 500-2000 digital images (depending on the duration of your event) burnt onto DVDs up to 12 weeks after the wedding. Depending on how busy our schedule is when you book, the time to process your images may be longer than 12 weeks, we will notify you about this when you book if applicable. We take the quality of the photographs we give you very seriously and we feel it is crucial to not rush the enhancement process.

What Separates Us From "Professional" Services
We paid a professional photography service roughly $2500 to take pictures at our wedding (and that was in the summer of 2004). We got a 10 page album, a 10x13, a few 8x10s and about 100 crooked proofs. We cannot duplicate any of these images because we don't own the copyright on them. If we ever want more pictures, we are out of luck because the company discards all negatives after 6 months.

Our philosophy is this: it's your wedding, you own the pictures. We give you the pictures on a digital medium and you can print them out as many times as you'd like and send them to as many friends and family as you want. No proofs covered in watermarks.

You get two perspectives of your wedding. Most services only send one photographer. My wife and I both shoot the entire wedding and reception. We take more candid shots than professionals do and we don't interrupt the important moments for a pose (we won't make you stop dancing in the middle of the first dance to smile and look at the camera. We can do that any time, why interrupt that moment?). This also makes for a backup set of pictures in the event there is an unforeseen technical problem with the equipment.

Why We Are So Much Less Expensive Than Other Services
We don't do this for a living. We do have a lot of fun doing it and I think you will see that during your wedding and when you get your pictures. We generally process your pictures on weekends and evenings.

We ask for permission to use a few of your photos in our portfolio.

The fee does not include any prints. Typically our clients have a service they like for printing out their own photos. However, we are more than happy to help after the wedding free of charge with arranging and printing your photos or setting up albums (you just have to pay the printing fees).

Average wedding photography costs can range from $3000 to $5000 in today's market. We have seen a few that we feel are actually worth the cost (generally individual photographers who have been doing this a long time, not the larger companies who just send somebody out with a camera) and usually they are at the higher end of that average just to show up for the day (not including any packages). These photographers are more artist than photographer and that is what we are striving to be. We feel we get closer with each wedding.