Scott and Michele Waters met in the Summer of 1999 and were married in June 2004. They live in Stowe, PA and have two sons, Adam, born in 2006 and Cole, born in 2012. During the week, Scott works as a Software Engineer for Oracle in Bala Cynwyd and Michele works at home watching their sons.

Scott and Michele both enjoyed photography before they met each other. Their passion was sparked when they were amazed by how well their pictures from their honeymoon in Niagara Falls came out. They developed a few hundred pictures from a Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom 35mm camera on that trip.

Not very long after their honeymoon, they got their first digital, a Kodak DX 4530. The ability to "pick and choose" which pictures to print and the decreased cost over film cameras got them even more excited about photography. They snapped some great pictures of the Philadelphia city skyline looking down the Schuylkill River from the Philadelphia Zoo balloon using this camera. By this point their fate was sealed. They knew this was going to be their hobby.

Before Christmas of 2005, Scott really wanted a Canon Digital Rebel. At the time they were the only cameras being marketed as an entry level DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex), the commercials were all over the place, and he never really researched anything else. When Michele decided to surprise Scott with a DSLR for a Christmas present in 2005, she went to the camera store with this in mind. But as fate would have it, the clerk convinced Michele to go with Nikon's new D50, their first foray into the entry level market. Looking back, they have been very happy with this choice.

In the Fall of 2006, a friend contacted Scott after hearing he had a DSLR and asked if he would like to shoot football pictures for his website. Seeing the opportunity to get more experience, make a little money, and get a sideline pass for the local football games, Scott started taking pictures for NHSCA Sports Network. Scott has taken pictures of almost every high school football team and at almost every stadium in the Pioneer Athletic Conference (PAC-10).

On a trip to the Outer Banks in May 2007, Michele was in the mood to take pictures. She grabbed two of her nieces, took them outside, set them up in several different poses, and snapped away. Michele has a bachelor's degree in education and has always been great with kids. The pictures came out great and Michele still poses her nieces and her son for a few shots whenever she gets a chance.

In June of 2007, Scott and Michele were invited to their friend's wedding. They decided to take the DSLR just for fun. When they arrived, the mother of the bride (who also had a Nikon D50), asked them if they'd be willing to snap some shots on her camera because of how busy she was. So now Michele and Scott both had a DSLR of their own to use for the wedding. They wound up watching most of the wedding and reception through their viewfinders. Even though they weren't the primary photographers, they had so much fun and thought the pictures came out good enough that they could try shooting weddings to make a little extra money to help fund the high cost of the equipment.

In 2012, with a second child on the way and after 5 years of shooting weddings, Scott and Michele decided to stop shooting weddings indefinitely. It came down to either quitting their day jobs and making photography their primary career, or shutting down to leave time for their family. There was a lot of stress involved working all week at their day jobs, then working several Saturdays at weddings, and then spending their weeknights processing pictures. It became harder and harder to drop their children off at a sitter nearly every weekend during wedding season. There is a very good chance they may pick it up again later in life, but only time will tell. Thank you to all the great people we've had the pleasure to meet and photograph!